A list of joy

In the midst of dark and uncertain times, and inspired by this lovely piece by Victoria Coren Mitchell in the Guardian, I have chosen to deliberately seek the joy and simple pleasures of life. Below are the delights, experiences and memories guaranteed to make me smile. What are yours?

Gathering up seashells like treasure.

Finishing a brilliantly satisfying book.

Early morning sunlight on frost.

The first daffodils of Spring.

The smell of the local biscuit factory as it fills the air with sweet delicious fragrance.

Star jumps off the sofa with my brother to the opening credits of Fame.


Autumn leaves.

Laughing hard with my oldest, dearest friends.

An empty laundry basket.

The bagpiper on Princes Street playing Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

Ice cream.

The fresh, unspoilt front page of a brand new notebook.

Victoria Wood. Doing anything.

A Muppets Christmas carol.

That first day in summer when you feel cavalier enough to leave the house without a jacket.

Watching Torvill and Dean win gold with Balero.

School nativity plays.

New shoes.

Old people holding hands.

A collective hug from all three of my nephews.

Rising on a carousel.

Colourful wild flowers in unexpected places.

Sandy toes and a sunburnt nose after a bank holiday on the beach.

An unexpected tax rebate.

Glorious sunsets.


2 thoughts on “A list of joy

  1. I am so grateful you included the modern masterpiece ” THE MUPPET’S CHRISTMAS CAROL!” By far the greatest live/cartoon version ever produced. Its my favourite show. No matter how many times I watch it I can always watch it again!


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